Alliance HPLC

Alliance HPLC System for Method Lifecyle Management

Renowned Reliability

With more than 79,000 installations, the Alliance HPLC System for Method Lifecycle Management (MLCM) offers user-friendly operation, and robust and rugged performance unmatched by other standard HPLCs on the market today.

Ideally designed for routine use (Stage 3 of MLCM), Alliance delivers superior system-to- system reproducibility, maintains consistent performance, mitigates out-of-specification results (OOS) and ensures data quality even when analyzing complex samples.   

With dual optical (PDA) and mass (QDa) detection, you achieve better chromatography, eliminating blind spots such as coelutions, while tracking data for continued performance verification.

Acquity ARC

ACQUITY Arc UHPLC System for Method Lifecycle Management 

Flexibility without Compromise

Ideal for method modernization, robust method development, seamless transfer, and routine use, the ACQUITY Arc System is ideal for any stage of method lifecycle management. If you are looking for a universal UHPLC system that can easily transfer between R&D and QC, has a smaller footprint, and lower operating costs, the Arc is for you.  With dual flow paths, you can easily switch between different dwell volumes to determine how new or legacy methods change under different conditions.  This flexibility works seamlessly with the 2998 PDA and AQCUITY QDa mass detector.   




2998 PDA Detector

2998 Photodiode Array (PDA) Detector

This PDA Detector offers advanced optical detection, a wide linear dynamic range, and unique lamp optimization for trace analyte detection. 



ACQUITY QDa Angled Web

ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector

Delivering high quality mass spectral data with ease, the ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector requires minimal user training. Critical mass data is automatically analyzed and applied to the peaks in your chromatogram, ensuring confidence that your analytes are properly identified, and detectable impurities aren’t obscured by coelutions.



Empower Logo

Empower 3 Chromatography Data Software (CDS)

The pharmaceutical industry-leading CDS, Waters Empower software ensures data traceability and delivers a customizable 21 CFR 11 compliant-ready solution to securely analyze, process, and report data to meet your requirements. 





Columns Standards

Waters Column Chemistries & Vials

Not all columns and vials are created equal.  Each lot of Waters columns undergoes rigorous validation testing to ensure not only initial quality, but also batch-to-batch consistency.  Likewise, each lot of Waters Certified Vials are tested for impurities using LC-MS to prevent sample contamination.  The Alliance HPLC and ACQUITY Arc UHPLC Systems for Method Lifecycle Management can be purchased with a wide range of scalable, reproducible, selective column chemistries and vials suitable for your analyses. See the online Waters consumables catalog to help you choose the column chemistry and vials that will best meet your needs.